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Afro Choreo- This is a fusion of dance techniques from across the African diaspora (African, Afro Cuban, Haitian, and Dunham Technique. The styles are woven together to tell a choreographic story that connects to the chosen music and an artistic vision. This class is refreshing, emotional, fun and taught at a slow pace. All levels of movers are welcomed.


African- This class will focus on movements from Guinea and Mali, West Africa with a strong focus on technique, understanding the musicalogo, and the history behind the dance. This class will better prepare you for the Afro Choreo class. These classes will be taught with live musicians. All levels of movers are welcome. 


Afro Brazilian- This style explores the vibrant dances developed by Africans brought to Brazil via the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. It  includes dances enjoyed at parties, dances in celebration and honor of the orixás (gods - often linked with the forces of nature), and dances reflecting day-to-day life and work. All levels of movers are welcomed.


Samba-This class explores the exuberant street dances of today's great Brazilian festivals, such as Carnival and São João. All levels of movers are welcomed.


Culmination Performance-  At the end of the series, all or some dancers will be invited to partake in a performance video that showcases the work of the instructor's choreography throughout the series. Performers will be selected at the instructor's discretion based on their ability to execute the movements. There may be an additional fee for the performance which may include costuming and any extra rehearsals.


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