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Featuring Special Guest, Michael "Michelito" Herrera, Internationally Acclaimed Afro-Cuban Dancer and Percussionist

AfroXotica Burlesque is a unique series of Andrea People's classic AfroXotica Night Dance Class and Party that has all the features you love about AfroXotica: the DJ, the live drums, the night dance class experience. But this show adds even more spice, bringing in tantalizing burlesque performances and a sexy, provocative vibe.

We create a more intimate environment, perfect for date night, and complete with dinner being served. Audience members will be led through a short seductive dance demonstration that they can do right in their seats or with their partners periodically throughout the show. And if they are really feeling sexy, they might be invited on stage to show off their moves with the host.

Be sure to bring your ca
sh to tip the performers and get the full burlesque experience!

Ticket Deadlines:


  • Wednesday, March 22, Midnight - Last chance to purchase tickets directly from Andrea Peoples and avoid EventBrite fees; DM @afroxotica on Instagram or email

  • Thursday, March 23, Midnight - Last chance to purchase tickets online at; Ticket prices will increase after this period when bought at the door.

  • Friday, March 24, Day of Show - Ticket prices increased and they can only be bought at the door on this day.

Tickets are available at the link below:
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