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Mission Statement


Our mission is to educate, build self-esteem, pride, and wellness in urban and rural communities by providing opportunities for art, dance, and musical expression targeting all ages. Through artistic programs, excursions, collaborations and events rooted in African Diaspora traditions, we serve cultural bearers, social activists, and represent the under served.



*To create affordable dance, and music classes rooted in African and African American culture.

*To support educational arts related excursions.

*To produce educational, and entertaining performances and experiences.

*To collaborate with other Afro based organizations.

*To offer lectures with renown guest speakers.

*To offer community-based programs and events

Who are we?


Kreative Arts Collect (KAC) is a non-profit organization geared at bringing communities together through culture, dance, music, and art. We teach African-rooted art forms and engage in social justice and racial

equality activism.

We work within school systems both giving classes and faculty workshops that show teachers how to integrate arts throughout curriculum, sharing across disciplines. We also produce programs for participants to encounter African Diaspora cultures through travel and excursions, including trips to the Caribbean and Africa, as well as local museums and African American historical sites.


KAC sponsors programs that offer artists, performers, and community leaders opportunities for knowledge exchange through conferences, lectures, travel, and arts residencies. At KAC, all are welcomed, and all are a uniquely essential piece of the vision.

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