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Dance With KAC!

KAC offers dance class series throughout the year that are open to any and all who want to incorporate the art of dance into their lifestyle.

July 2024 Afro Cuban

Dances of the Orisha
Each Saturday in July
12:00PM - 1:30PM
Dance Quarter
1719 Toledano St, New Orleans, LA
Register now for this 4-week series, where you will explore the rich folkloric dances of the Orisha with Andrea Peoples and live drummers.
The traditional Afro Cuban music and dances of the Orisha add a fundamental piece to the foundation of Cuba's rich musical and dance culture. It has influenced many of today's popular Latin dances that draw heavily on the Cuban cultural inspiration. In learning these dances, you will add new depth and flavor to your Salsa, Rumba, and Casino dance skills.
Please bring a large circle skirt if you have one, and be prepared to dance barefoot.

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Upon purchase, please retain your email confirmation in order to present it as proof of purchase at class entry.


We offer cultural dance and drum classes in African, Modern, and Afro Cuban techniques, with a mission to build healthy communities by promoting fitness, cultural awareness, and self-acceptance.

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