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Company Membership Page

Welcome, Dancers! We are so excited to have you as part of Andrea Peoples Dance Theatre (APDT)! This page is a central hub for the performance company to pay membership dues, review company policies, and access the latest information about what's happening. Bookmark this page and check back often, because this page is not accessible through the main KAC website.

  • Classes/Rehearsals are twice a week:

    • Wednesdays, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    • Saturdays, 12:15 PM - 2PM

  • NO REHEARSAL the week following an AfroXotica Burlesque show


Company dues are $155 per month, due in full at the beginning of each month. Dues are paid by registering using the link below, and each month, the payment method you signed up with will be charged automatically.


Company members get first consideration for all APDT performances/gigs. The AfroXotica Burlesque dance chorus (including the AfroXotica Showgirls) are also chosen from within company members.


Additional Company Member Perks:

  • If not performing for an AfroXotica Burlesque show, company members get $10 off tickets to the show for themselves, as well as for guests they invite until discount tickets are sold out.

  • Access to special guest classes and workshops for 20% off.

Being a member of the performance company constitutes agreement to comply with the company policies:

  • The full cost of dues must be paid upfront each month.

  • Students must be at least 15 years old to sign up.

  • Class may be canceled due to severe weather, but that will not discount dues.

  • No refunds will be issued.

  • While we always try to keep costume prices as economical as possible, company members must purchase and be responsible for the care of their own costume, unless otherwise informed.

Click below to set up payment of your monthly dues.

Andrea Peoples Dance Theater Company



Every month

Payment of dues for Company Members

Valid until canceled

Company Member Structure

The APDT company will be organized into 3 tiers based on performance and technical level. Every member is NOT guaranteed to dance in every performance; each show or gig has different requirements and will not always be able to include the entire company.

Below is a description of each company tier:


  • 1st Company - 

    • First selection for performances.

    • PAID for every performance.

    • A 1st Company dancer dances on a professional level, has a strong resume, displays strong dance technique and strong form with no loose or floppy limbs, embodies showmanship, is very familiar with Andrea’s style of dance, and is able to lead classes when needed.

  • 2nd Company - 

    • Some paid performances (if one of the 1st Company members is not unavailable).

    • Most performance opportunities will be on an unpaid, volunteer basis.

    • A 2nd Company dancer has some performance experience, displays an eagerness to learn, shows potential to be a strong dancer, has good showmanship, and displays the capacity to move to a professional level with more technical training.

  • 3rd Company - 

    • All performance opportunities will be on an unpaid, volunteer basis.

    • A 3rd Company dancer is just starting to explore dance, may have had little or no professional training thus far, is eager to learn, has little to no experience in dance performance, and shows potential to move up in the company.


Each year, company members can be evaluated to move up to the next company tier.

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